Requirements Gathering

We provide custom crafted proposal based on the information provided by you, in some cases this also includes an on-site visit survey of your facility.

Custom Development

We build a custom solution just to match your business needs from the experience we've gained over the years working in the crypto-mining industry.

Deployment & Training

Finally we provide on-site training to deploy your on-premise solution and to provide the essential training required for your staff.

Let's get started

Cryptocurrencies/blockchain products emerge at a rapid pace and are typically developed so fast that documentation, hello world apps, modules, and other basic services you’d expect to be shipped upon release are not there. The only real way to develop around these services in a timely and accurate fashion is to work on them in real and/or simulated environments, possibly even reverse engineering many of the elements surrounding them. This is something that our team excels at above all else and what truly sets us apart from the rest.

We specialize in:

  • Building Mining Pools for multiple algorithms
  • Building virtual tools to manage huge amounts of mining hardware in the cloud
  • Creating while label services to easily rent out hashrate on your website from your mining facility
  • Easy to manage proxies for mining hardware
  • On premise software solutions/business tools tailored for the mining industry
  • Other on-demand software projects


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